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sweet Oranges (10pcs)

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sweet Oranges (10pcs)

The Nigerian orange is one fruit that is easily accessed by all. You can always spot them by their dark green color even when they are ripe. We offer you fresh sweet locally grown oranges, sourced from the best farms when you shop with us at Fresh To Dommot. 

Oranges are high in vitamin C and an awesome source of dietary fiber. The fiber you get from oranges aids digestion. Thiamine (vitamin B1), folate and potassium are other nutrients and vitamins found in oranges. Oranges are helpful for soothing cold allergies and moving the bowels. They can be incorporated into your daily diet in a variety of ways: squeezed out for their juice, mixed with other fruits to make smoothie, added to salads, mixed with your zobo drink to add extra flavor and nutrients or eaten alone. 

You can also try our other fresh fruits like oranges (imported), tangerines (imported and local), lemons (imported and local) and limes. We supply and deliver to your doorstep sweet oranges (local) for your enjoyment, at your convenience.

For best results use fresh or store in room temperature away from moisture and heat. They can also be stored away in your refrigerator. This will keep your oranges fresh for a few more days.

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality oranges (local) in the quantity you desire. 

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