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Nigeria’s Average Life Expectancy Is 54! What Should You Be Doing Now To Live Longer ?

 I know you are doing the math already and most people reading will fall into one of three categories 1  The “I am 28 so, 54 is a lifetime away” group   2 The “I am 45 and ah! 54 is not that far away o” camp  3 The “I am 59, so I already beat the odds, praise God!” category Regardless of where you are on the age spectrum,  I am sure you agree that Nigeria can be a stressful environment and that stress take its toll on our bodies. In fact, the 2019 world population review that pegged Nigeria’s life...

Brussels Sprouts

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The Wonders of Mint Leaves

Think wonder plant, think mint leaves. They are packed with vitamins and nutritional values that can be beneficial to your whole body, literally good for you from head to toe. On this blog post, we are excited to explore the many benefits of this wonder plant.  Best known for its calming and cooling sensation, mint leaves are a great addition to your diet and health routines. So, if you are not yet on board, please hop on the train. Alright, let's get right into it. They are an active ingredient we find in tea, drinks, salad, baked products, toothpaste, gum,...

COVID Attack Squad

Have you in recent times found yourself taking some interesting measures to ensure your taste buds are fully functional whenever you feel a slight sense of cold symptoms like loss of taste, fatigue, coughing, stuffy nose or sore throat? Ok, so you think you may have contracted Covid 19 or have symptoms that point towards the virus? What can you do before and after you get tested? We will be sharing a couple of tips on some fresh vegetable and fruit choices you can include into your diet that we believe are super helpful whenever you find yourself caught up in...

COVID Defence Squad

 As we grow to understand our new world with the presence of Covid-19, immune system building is a big topic. We live in a new era where everyone should make conscious efforts to ensure that their immune system is fortified enough to prevent and stand against the health challenges and complications that may come with the Covid-19 virus. As various governments are easing down on movement restrictions, life and interactions with other people are getting back to normal. It is our responsibility to take personal precautions by taking care of ourselves and taking steps to build up our immune systems....