COVID Defence Squad

COVID Defence Squad

 As we grow to understand our new world with the presence of Covid-19, immune system building is a big topic. We live in a new era where everyone should make conscious efforts to ensure that their immune system is fortified enough to prevent and stand against the health challenges and complications that may come with the Covid-19 virus. As various governments are easing down on movement restrictions, life and interactions with other people are getting back to normal. It is our responsibility to take personal precautions by taking care of ourselves and taking steps to build up our immune systems.

Many medical personnel have highlighted the great role vitamin C (an antioxidant that helps prevent cells from breaking) as a key player in ensuring our immune system is strong. A body rich in vitamin C stands a better chance at empowering our immune system to fight against diseases and viruses.

At Fresh To Dommot (an online grocery store in Lagos), we have available for you to access at your convenience certain fresh fruits that are great sources of nutrients to help build your immunity which we call the ‘Covid Defence Squad’ (drum rolls). They are your go to fresh fruits when it comes to getting a good boost of Vitamin C to build your immunity. Get to know their benefits and how you can use them.

1) Strawberry

Strawberry can contain a higher amount of vitamin C when compared to an orange. It is also rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, folate and manganese. Some studies show that they could play an important role in preventing heart diseases. Strawberries are a great source of fiber when eaten alone. You can have them washed in vinegar after you purchase them to help them last longer or freeze them up for later. They can be used for smoothies, ice cream or blended to make strawberry juice. Speaking of smoothies, have you tried a mix of strawberries and bananas or strawberries and apples? 

2) Orange

Oranges are super high in vitamin C and an awesome source of dietary fibers. The fiber you get from oranges helps with digestion. Thiamine (vitamin B1), folate and potassium can also be found in oranges. They are helpful for soothing cold allergies and moving the bowels. Oranges can be eaten with its fiber, squeezed out for their juice, mixed with other fruits to make smoothie, added to salads or mixed with your zobo drink to add extra flavor and nutrients. 

3) Watermelon

Watermelon is high in vitamin C. It’s high water content also helps keep you hydrated which is essential for healthy looking skin. It is also rich in vitamins A and potassium. Certain studies suggest that watermelon may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It is a good take for anyone looking to lose weight as its high-water content can give you a feeling of being full, delaying your need to eat. It works just fine when eaten directly after cutting, however you like it long strips or cubed. It is great in salads whether you prefer a watermelon salad or spicing it up with other fruits to give you extra nutrients. The beauty of watermelon is that left overs can always be preserved frozen and taken later. Smoothies, ice-cream and lollipops are great ideas for adults and kids. 

4) Banana

Banana is rich in vitamins. It has vitamins B6 (helps in the production of red blood cells) vitamin C and potassium. Bananas aid digestion, it is a good natural energy booster and contains nutrients that help moderate blood sugar. They are a great first solids for babies when you wish to start including solid food to their diet.

5) Apple

Apple may promote good gut bacteria and have components that help fight asthma. Calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus and potassium are some nutrients that can be found in apples. They are also great natural energy boosters and can be consumed in a variety of ways. 

Two common nutrients present in our fruit selection are vitamin C and potassium. Potassium helps relax the blood vessels and preserves body mineral density while vitamin C helps in the formation of the immune system, wound healing, maintaining the bone, teeth and the repair of tissues. These are important nutrients to keep you safe and what better way to get them into the bodies than consuming them naturally. 

This is why at Fresh To Dommot, we source our fruits from the best farms to provide you with juicy flavorful fruits that are guaranteed to give you the nutrients you require. Stay safe!





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