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The Wonders of Mint Leaves

Think wonder plant, think mint leaves. They are packed with vitamins and nutritional values that can be beneficial to your whole body, literally good for you from head to toe. On this blog post, we are excited to explore the many benefits of this wonder plant. 

Best known for its calming and cooling sensation, mint leaves are a great addition to your diet and health routines. So, if you are not yet on board, please hop on the train.

Alright, let's get right into it. They are an active ingredient we find in tea, drinks, salad, baked products, toothpaste, gum, essential oil, infused oil, soap, shampoo and hair conditioners. Mint leaves are super rich in vitamins one of which is vitamin A: a key playing in improving eyesight and night vision. Nutrients like iron, manganese and folate are also present in mint leaves. So, however you choose to incorporate mint leaves into your diet, fresh or dried, you are right.


The presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in these leaves protects the body from damages caused by oxidation. When used as an essential oil, it helps clear sinuses, loosens phlegm and suppresses cough; for best results add some essential oil in a diffuser, bucket or container of water so the oil diffuses into the air so it is inhaled to bring relief. Subsequently, you could apply a drop on your bed sheet or pillowcase. 


It is not safe to inhale or apply essential oils directly to your skin or on your nose to avoid burns. Still on the great benefits of mint leaves, they are good when consumed in drinks and food but a greater benefit comes when inhaled or applied to the skin or hair as infused oil in a diluted state (yep, da best part).




gives your treats a dynamic taste

protects the body from damages caused by oxidation

rich in vitamin A and helps soothe irritated bowels and control indigestion.


Mint leaves are often used in smaller quantities when cooking because of its unique and dynamic flavor. They are a great mix in your homemade drinks: zobo drink, mint lemonade, fruit drinks (have you tried watermelon and mint leaves?), smoothies(idea: strawberries and mints), homemade mint tea (just add hot water and honey to your mint leaves), mint cucumber water (great for weight loss) and cakes- chocolate mint cakes (yummy). They also bring additional health benefits to spice up your fruit and vegetable salads. Mint leaves have a calming and relaxing feel when consumed in tea and drinks. They also help soothe irritated bowels and control indigestion.



* Did you know that chewing sugar free mint gum has its benefits? Sugar free mint flavored gum can subjectively relieve a bloated tummy and relieve heartburn. It helps clean the teeth and mouth creating more saliva to help digestion. It also washes away acid left in by food breakdown. Most of all it gives you a fresh breath.

* Mint essential or infused oils help soothe mosquito bites.




We find mint leaves or extracts as an essential ingredient in shampoos, hair conditions and hair oil. It gives the scalp a refreshing sensation and helps stimulate hair growth and relieves dry scalp. It is an effective treatment for dandruffs and flaky scalp.


Mint leaves are an excellent skin therapy. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in mint leaves can help clear acne scars and clear dark under eye patches which can sometimes be caused by stress and lack of sleep. The presence of vitamin A manages the secretion of oil in acne prone and oily skin. You can make rejuvenating face masks to give your skin that fresh smooth glow with mint leaves.


Mint Leaves Infused Oil



Applying infused oil on skin soothes mosquito bites


Infused mint oil is made by extracting the properties of this wonder plant with the help of a carrier oil. Infused oil is used in a variety of ways; as room diffusers, hair oil, common cold relief or as a pest control spray. Mixing little quantities in your cream and applying it on skin can improve blood circulation, keep the skin hydrated and delay the formation of wrinkles and fine lines giving you that youthful glow and look that keeps those much-desired heartwarming compliments coming for a very long while.

We have below a DIY on how to make your own homemade mint infused oil:


Ingredients and Supplies:

Mint Leaves

Olive/Coconut oil

Air tight jar/ container

Sieve /Strainer



-Dry Mint leaves (you can air dry fresh leaves by letting them air out for 2 days)

-Crush leaves and pour crushed leaves into a tight led jar or container

-Pour olive/coconut oil to cover the crushed leaves.

-Store for 2 weeks (for extra infusion)

-Sieve leaves out from oil


'Yaas', that easy and your infused oil is ready. Always remember to dilute your infused oil with more of your carrier oil so it does not burn when you apply onto your skin or hair.

Mint leaves are indeed wonder leaves packed full of health benefits to help you stay healthy. To add to all that goodness, you also get great skin glow and a healthy scalp. They are indeed a great addition to your diet, skin and hair care routine. 


Have you tried making the mint infused oil? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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