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Ginger (4-5 roots)

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Ginger (1 pack)

Ginger is a strong medicinal root plant with diverse health benefits. It can be incorporated into your daily diet in a variety of ways: you could add it to your drinking water, homemade drinks (zobo or juice), smoothie or simply cook with it. Its unique taste in your food will not go unnoticed.

It possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are effective in stopping oral bacteria from growing. It is also an herb rich in vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C, B, zinc, iron and folate. Studies have also shown that they are great with helping the body use insulin better, builds immunity against diseases, fights common cold, soothes tummy upset and prevents stress.

Fresh To Dommot provides you with fresh juicy ginger from the best farms. Please try our other fresh herbs and spices like pepper soup spice, iru/locust bean and dry red chili pepper.

We supply and deliver to your doorstep quality ginger guaranteed to add that desired spark to your cooking. 

For best results use fresh or store away in an airtight container safe from moisture in your refrigerator. This will keep your ginger fresh and juicy for days.

Approximately 300g

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality fresh ginger in the quantity you desire. 

Please shop at for all your grocery needs.

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