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Afang/Okazi Leaf (One Bunch)

Fresh Vegetables | | Cut and Blend

Fresh Afang/Okazi Leaves - Approximately 143g

If you love eating vegetable soup, you probably are a fan of the afang soup. Unique in its class, a major credit for its taste goes to the afang leaves (also known as okazi leaves). The afang leaves provide an irreplaceable taste to vegetable soups when you cook with them.

Afang leaves are a good source of dietary fiber. These dark green vegetables are rich in folate: a type of vitamin B which plays an important role in preventing certain birth defects. 

At Fresh To Dommot, we supply you with fresh quality afang leaves sourced from the best farms. In addition to the popular afang soup, you can also use these leaves to prepare okazi soup and black soup, amongst other dishes.

Whether you choose to use them fresh or have them dried to use later, they add nutritional value to your body. You can also try our other fresh vegetables like ugu leaves, oha leaves, utazi leaves, waterleaf, efo shoko and bitter leaf.

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality fresh afang leaves in the quantity you desire. 

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