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Frozen Turkey Gizzard (1/4) 2.5kg

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Frozen Turkey Gizzard

Rich in protein, the turkey gizzard is a special delicacy in Nigeria. It is also a good source of vitamin B12, zinc, iron and phosphorus. It is low in fat, helps in the formation of red blood cells and adding it to your diet can help build body mass.

Turkey gizzards can be eaten alone or paired with other ingredients to prepare meals like peppered gizzard, gizdodo (gizzard and plantain) and gizzard skewers. Whether you fry, boil or grill your turkey gizzards, it's always a win. 

At fresh To Dommot, we sell and deliver to your doorstep quality frozen turkey gizzards that promise to bring you and your family nourishment at its best. If you like our frozen turkey gizzards, please try our other frozen meat options –frozen chicken gizzards, frozen chicken (thighs and drumsticks), frozen chicken, turkey drumstick, whole frozen chicken and frozen fryer chicken wings.

For best results with defrosting, cover packed turkey gizzards in cool water, change water every 30 minutes until it thaws. Only thaw gizzards you intend to use. Our turkey gizzards are delivered neatly packed so they arrive ready to cook. 

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality frozen turkey gizzards in the quantity you desire. 

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