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Egusi Seeds (1/2 Derica )

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Egusi is a classic delicacy amongst many other Nigerian cuisine. Egusi soup is one local dish that graces most tables at lunch time. The egusi seeds are similar to those of melon seed but are edible when cooked. Its rich texture and taste are a delight to explore.

Fresh To Dommot provides you with clean deshelled egusi seeds, great for those delicious meals your choose to prepare. Egusi seeds are rich in vitamin A,B,C and protein. Adding egusi to your diet can help your body better absorb iron, maintain healthy bones and skin.

If you like egusi, please explore other options like ogbono seeds, palm fruit seeds, dry white crayfish, dry red crayfish, dry red prawns, shawa fish, stock fish (body), stock fish (shredded), dry white shrimps

Preserve your egusi in a tightly sealed container or ziploc bag away from moisture. This will keep your egusi fresh for a longer period. 

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality egusi in the quantity you desire.

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