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Fresh Crabs No Eggs Pack of 8

Fresh Seafood | | Deshelled & Cleaned

Fresh Crabs No Eggs - 1 Pack  (set of 8 crabs)

Approximately 800g

At freshtodommot we buy our crabs live. This ensures that the crabs are soft, moist and succulent when you cook them. Crabs are highly priced items in our seafood category not least because of their “caviar”. They can be steamed and eaten alone but they are often cooked with a number of vegetables soups such as egusi or afang or edikayikong. These crabs are also perfect with cold salads

Crabs have a number of health benefits such as strengthening immune function, wound healing and even improved eye sight.

For best results, cook fresh or if stored in a freezer, defrost it in salt and lemon or lime water and keep refrigerated for 4 – 24 hours before cooking. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions on how to prepare your crab meal.



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