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Fresh Croaker Fish (Large) 4-5 uncut sizes and 12-15 cut slices

Fresh Fish | | Cleaned & Cut

Approximately 1600g

Croaker fish is best known for its mild taste that works well with various kinds of seasonings. It is one seafood Nigerians look forward to eating. At Fresh To Dommot we source for our fish from the best farms where they are fed right. Whether fried, boiled or grilled croaker fish can be paired with any meal or enjoyed alone.

Not only is croaker fish a good source of lean protein, it is extremely rich in nutrients, omega-3 (good fatty fish oil), calcium and potassium. If you like eating red snapper, salmon, tilapia, barracuda, croaker fish is definitely one you would want to add to your fresh seafood menu.   

Our croaker fish can be delivered as is (whole) or prepped to your instructions. We clean and cut to your specifications before delivery so that your fish arrives neatly packed and ready to cook or ready to be stored in the freezer until you are ready to cook. 

For best results, cook fresh or if stored in a freezer, soak it in salt and lemon or lime water and keep refrigerated for 4 – 24 hours before cooking.

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality fresh croaker fish in the quantity you desire.

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