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Gourmet Seafood Box (Standard)

Fresh Fish | | kg

So, you want a selection of quality seafood but don't want the stress of picking them up individually? Here is where we come in with a box full of seafood varieties just for you. At Fresh To Dommot, our aim is to make your cooking easy. 

 The gourmet seafood box is a selection of fresh seafood containing fresh eja osan, crabs, tilapia, red snapper, black snapper, croaker, barracuda, fresh lemons and finely selected seafood seasoning all for your cooking pleasure. Every item is carefully selected and sourced from the best farms, value packed with vitamins and nutrients, rich in protein and omega 3.

At Fresh To Dommot we deliver as is (whole) or prepped to your instructions. We clean to your specifications before delivery so that your box arrives neatly packed and ready to cook or ready to be stored in the freezer.

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality fresh seafood in the quantity you desire.

 Please shop at for all your grocery needs.

Standard: 1 x red snapper, 1 x tilapia, 3x giant crabs, 1 x croaker, 1 x barracuda, 1kg x tiger prawns, 4 x lemons, gourmet seasoning.


May be placed in ice to keep fresh.

Items may be smoked at request. Will attract additional fees.

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