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Lemon (Local, Pack of 4)

Fresh Fruits | | kg

Lemon (local per pack of 4)

When you buy your lemons (local) at Fresh To Dommot be rest assured you are buying fresh locally grown lemons in Nigeria. The Nigerian lemon is famous for its dark green color, strong, tangy and sour taste with a soothing smell that feels a room when it is cut in half or added to hot water. 

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Drinking lemon water promotes hydration as it creates a desire to drink more water. It aids digestion, helps fight common cold and freshens one’s breath. Lemons are known for their fresh distinct taste and are used in little quantities for baking, cooking fish, chicken or any food of your choice.

Fresh To Dommot offers you well selected lemons (local), sourced from the best farms. If you enjoy lemons (local), you can also try our other fresh fruits like lemon (imported), lime, oranges (imported and local) and tangerines.

We supply and deliver to your doorstep lemons (local) for your enjoyment, at your convenience.

For best results use fresh or store away in your refrigerator packed in a plastic bag or Ziplock bag, tightly closed. This will keep your lemons fresh for a few more days.

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality lemons (local) in the quantity you desire. 

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