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Tangerines (Imported, 1 pack of 4)

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Tangerines -- Imported (pack of four)

Looking for where to buy quality imported tangerines in Lagos Nigeria? Shop with us at Fresh To Dommot. Tangerines can be sweet and sour fruits of the citrus family, with a unique taste that lingers in your mouth allowing you to savor more of it, even after you are done.

Tangerines are low in calories, high in vitamin A and C and an awesome source of dietary fiber. The fiber you get from tangerines help with digestion. Eating tangerines can help with soothing cold allergies and moving the bowels. Tangerines can be incorporated in your daily diet in a variety of ways: they can be eaten with its fiber, squeezed out for their juice, mixed with other fruits to make smoothie, added to salads or mixed with your zobo or other homemade drinks to add extra flavor and nutrients. 

You can also try our other fresh fruits like tangerines (local), oranges (local and imported), lemon (imported and local) and lime. We supply and deliver to your doorstep sweet tangerines for your enjoyment, at your convenience.

For best results use fresh or store in room temperature away from moisture and heat. They can also be stored away in your refrigerator. This will keep your tangerines fresh for a few more days.

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality tangerines in the quantity you desire. 

Please shop at for all your grocery needs.

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