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Whole live Turkey (Local)

Fresh Turkey | | kg

Whole live Turkey - Approximately 6kg - 8kg

Our local turkeys are raised in humane conditions and fed with a healthy blend of vegetarian diet and no growth hormones. When cooked, you get a juicy, tender flavour that blends well with all your cooking.

Turkey meat is filled with various nutrients and vitamins relevant to the health of your body. It is high in protein, vitamin B, phosphorus and zinc. Eating turkey meat can help support and maintain the growth of your muscles.

At Fresh To Dommot, we process our whole live turkey (local) so they can be delivered as is (whole) or prepped to your instructions. We clean and cut to your specification before delivery so it arrives neatly packed and ready to cook or stored in the freezer. For best results, cook fresh. If stored in a freezer, defrost by covering bagged turkey in cool water, change water every 30 minutes until meat is thawed.

Turkey meat can be prepared in various ways boiled, fried or grilled. Enjoy your turkey meat in dishes like vegetable soup, okra soup, egusi soup or simply cook and eat alone. If you like the whole live turkey (local), you can also try our whole live turkey (imported), whole frozen turkey whole chicken (broiler), whole chicken (old layer), grilled chicken and whole chicken (local).

You can count on Fresh To Dommot to deliver quality whole live turkey (local) meat in the quantity you desire. 

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